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El Camino Central
Hello from the USA!

I stumbled onto this forum while searching for something else. I would like to invite everyone here to check out the best Chevrolet El Camino forum! It's called "El Camino Central". We have over 1700 members from all over the world. We recently had a new member from Estonia too.

Please visit us sometime. There is a lot of Chevrolet knowlege there.

11.11.2003 at 02:52
El Camino Central

Well, I wonder who might be that new member from Estonia? ;)

Nice page You've got there. Very much useful information and many skilled El Camino users who can lighten our blinded souls.

11.11.2003 at 08:38
Astro SS
El Camino Central
I think it is Most Wanted :Ylo Woitka.

Probleemid algavad kui on liiga palju toredaid mõtteid...
08.12.2003 at 21:04 Last edited 08.12.2003 at 21:04 by Astro SS
El Camino Central
Actually, there was a dude from Estonia before me in El Camino central -> juss74elc
08.12.2003 at 21:16 foorum : In English : El Camino Central  
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