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all european mustang site
Dear Mustang Enthusiast...

In addition to MightyMustangs.Net, our German spoken Website we have established an Internet portal especially for European and international Mustang drivers with features such as photo galleries, discussion forums, classified ads and much more.
We released this website to create a community for Mustang enthusiasts all over Europe and to give you the option to stay in touch with people who have the same nice hobby.

In our international forums you can:

Compare notes and experiences
Ask questions and give answers
Just jabber
Even better, we linked a picture gallery to our forums, so once you are registered, you have access to your personal photo album, in which you can upload pics to share them with the community.

In our event schedule we will soon have listed Mustang-events all over Europe.
Maybe in we can help to arrange meetings with you international folks in some way.
If you would like to trade parts or entire vehicles, you can access our multi-lingual trader.
We would be happy to see you posting in our forums because we need people like you to achieve our aim, that is to create the community. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Point your Browser to:

Have fun discovering MIGHTYMUSTANGS.NET!

Bjoern & Markus
Founding Team MMN

24.10.2003 at 07:41 foorum : In English : all european mustang site  
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