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„Streetrace Party II” is coming!

On June 7th, 2003 at 21.30 in Sport Complex Base “Bikernieki” will be held the second official night auto sports and entertainment party “Streetrace Party II”. This event has been organized in collaboration with “Latvian Car Federation” (LAF) and last year there were over 10000 fans that attended this event.

To compare with the last “Streetrace”, this one will have a special race for trucks and a special truck show that will include “heavy equipment”. “Truck should not be separated from the rest of motor vehicles. Therefore we wanted to give all the truck drivers the same opportunities, so they would be able to compete on the track and demonstrate the capabilities of the trucks to everyone at the auditory. It will bee an exciting show not only for the drivers, but to everyone else as well.”

There will be a special event – the drag race for the public transportation, so that everyone at the show will have an opportunity to taste the race themselves.

“Streetrace Party II” will have a contest for the best “eighth” drawing for the contestants as well as a virtual race. The music will be by JAFA and hosted by Aldis Kalnins and Jekabs Krastins.

The contestant registration starts at 12.00, but the first race’s start will be given at approximately 21.30. The previous “Streetrace party” had around 10000 contestants and viewers.

Admission fee for the drivers – 7.00 Ls. This fee includes single use race license, given by the Auto Federation of Latvia and special insurance policy required by the rules of the Auto Federation of Latvia.

The race track is 251 m long. It is also called “the eighth of the mile”. The diver’s race tracks will be lightened up and separated with special pylons with light.

At the Sport Complex Base “Bikernieki” will be video monitors and sound system, which will allow everyone to see everything that will be going on at the whole center.

For information:
Kristians Rukuts : +371 9445776
Or visit the website at:
02.06.2003 at 22:13
„Streetrace Party II” is coming!
1/8 of mile should be 201.17 m, not 251 ...

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03.06.2003 at 13:23 Last edited 03.06.2003 at 13:25 by Jutulind
„Streetrace Party II” is coming!
Nad vist sõidavadki seal täiesti suvalist distantsi - nii pikalt, et enne kurvi veel pidurdada jõuab.
04.06.2003 at 21:52 foorum : In English : „Streetrace Party II” is coming!  
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