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What a coinsidence!!!
Hello all, Was doing a search on Lincoln Mark VII's and ran across this site, thought i was seeing things when I saw it was Estonian.
Both my parents are from Estonia, born in the early 30's and had to leave in the mid 40's.
We still have family and land in Estonia (we recenty had both my mothers and fathers family farms returned to us) and one of my fathers cousins is on the staff of the Tallinn Technical University.

Anyway, The reason for my post is that i'm curious as to what people are doing to Lincoln Mark VII's over there, I have a couple of them and have fallen in love with these cars. Would love to hear from other Mark VII owners or even any Fox bodied car owners!!

I have alot of tech info, links, pictures and many spare parts on my site:

02.03.2003 at 02:59
What a coinsidence!!!
If you check pics of this story ( ) you can get an idea how I built my fox. It has through-the-floos subs, homemade TA/PHB and other cornering stuff.
03.03.2003 at 09:30
What a coinsidence!!!
Very nice car !! Lots of hard work.
I took one of the pictures and put it on my website gallery, if you click on the picture in the gallery it links to your information page.

04.03.2003 at 04:54 foorum : In English : What a coinsidence!!!  
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