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Web Chat
Hi guys if your interested we have a web chat tonight[ Sunday ] at 7PM GMT not sure what the time will be in Estonia . Chat is with Bob Jarrett crew chief for the Showtime Funny Car team here in England.
17.03.2002 at 20:17
Web Chat
Sorry, mate!

I was too busy with gators..
18.03.2002 at 22:08
Web Chat
Not to worry i will let you know when we do another one
18.03.2002 at 00:26
Web Chat
hi ladiesand gents
26.04.2003 at 17:41
Web Chat
toycar: hi ladiesand gents
Hello. What's your goal? Make a "hello" reply to every post you can find? If you're screaming for attention you must say something more provocative than "hi ladiesand gents". "What's with the new Accord?" would be a good start :)
26.04.2003 at 18:24 foorum : In English : Web Chat  
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