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tqhq.ee foorum - Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
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tqhq.ee foorum : In English : Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)   1 2  
Poster Message
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
If U be so kind would U give as some information on the drag and street racing & any difficulties in creating such a crazy show:)
Anywhere we are ready to build a really race track with all appropriate technic:)
So any advises are welcome
Here are some fotos
and sorry but info in Russian,
but I hope will make our site bilingual:)
Drive fast

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19.11.2001 at 10:07
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Hi !

I have seen your site already some time ago - some nice cars there, it would be interesting to see how they run.

Airfield in the pictures seems to be nice place for drag racing. For comparison where our competitions take place:

Haapsalu http://www.tqhq.ee/events/sebout2.jpg


And some action from last Tartu race:



The timing equipment you see in Tartu pictures is fully professional and was rented from Finland especially for this event. Right now some of us have under the work our own timing system which should basically accomplish all the tasks neccessary - only problem is that due to the lack of funds we have to use some cheap components and this can cause some trouble with reliability.

What kind of advice are you exactly looking for ? We are not a specialists, but may-be we can help...

BTW. I know very well Oleg from Riga who took part one of your races recently with his white Mitsu 3000 - he has been inviting me to come also to Moscow, but I didn´t have time this year - could be I will take a look at your races in next summer.:)

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19.11.2001 at 10:39
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Thanks for response
So questions:
We`re also devotees, not proffesional in this field, but we will be hope with your help:)
1. Are U sponsored by someone? I mean what sector is the most intresting in us (petroleum manufactures I suppose?)
2. O, Oleg told me about your team he said that some people can make control&gaging equipment, but how much does it cost?
High proffesional is too expensive:)
3. What about clasification? How U divide cars?
4. Your site is only in eesti? Sorry if I spell incorrect:)
5. Can U give more references to the track and competitions?
Sure U are always welcome to any show we prepare next summer :)

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20.11.2001 at 10:44
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
1. Actually there is no us, because tqhq.ee is just virtual club, which does not organize directly any competitions. But we are motivating and inspiring the organizers.:) Actually main events we have are organized by local Bike club. Also there is more commercial drag race (Speedest) which is organized by one event marketing company, but as they did fuckup in 2000 the sponsors are few and I don´t know if they will ever organize any dragraces in future.

The sponsors are mainly connected with car and accessories business (dealerships, part retailers, oil and gas retailers, audio equipment sellers etc.). Most of $$$ come via personal relations - aknowledgemnt of those events as media is still not that high.

2. Yes we have people who can make timing system, they are actually making one for ourselves. I hope it will be ready for next summer and then it would be possible for you to get some knowhow and learn from our experience. If you can´t duplicate anything by yourself I guess the owner of the system is ready to supply you with neccesary software/hardware for agreed compensation. But beforehand we have to see if it works.

Rent of the professional system runs somewhere between 2-3 k. usd (full service, printed timeslips), but I guess Finns are not willing to take it into Moscow. If you have the means I can ask though...

3. We have used

up to 2l.
2 - 3l.
over 3l.

turbo, supercharger, nitro x1,7

tyres are free and basic safety features are required (belts, no loose object etc.).

4. Yeah - it was intially planned to be bilingual, but after the webmaster went from state job to private sector he has been too busy to develop the English pages.;) Meanwhile you can read about tqhq and its authors:


5. All the events stories are in Estonian, but if you go through the list of featured events you can see at least pictures and results if available.


Those are events where our "members" have been participating and not only in Estonia, but also in Finland, Sweden and USA.

We will have soon more this years events added, at least then when I get up my lazy ass and start writing...:)

Do you have any concrete plans for next summer, because in case of some bigger competition I think me myself and some other guys would be interested to come over to your place. May-be we can get some burnout pictures on Red Square ?:)

Also, I´m sure we will have at least one race with proper timing equipment in Tartu, so fastest cars in Moscow are welcome ! Last years results are here:


so you know what it takes to win.:) BTW. Oleg was the winner of "pure street" over 3l. class last year. Next year probably all street legal cars will be in the same class, this year we separated more developed Finnish cars into their own category as they are much faster.

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20.11.2001 at 12:16
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Well, at least there's this, if it's of some use to you: Drag Racing Basics in English:


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20.11.2001 at 12:41
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
O man!
Cool, cool, cool!
Too many important and interesting info:)
I suppose U have more experience, We only started in september this year, no sponsorship but plans for some track on airfields, Tell d`U upgrade field surface I mean new asphalt? Or old concrete plate is enough? good enough?
at the beginning we make racing at nights and to often 2 time a week, now we plan make 2-3 times a month, starting at 6 pm, more viewers but troubles are: lighting, electricity, vining fund, etc. rent of the field also eats a big sum of $:)
Now we have 4 classes:
up to 1.8 (still we have old soviet tuned cars:)
more 4 liters
turbo x 1,5
rotor x 1,9
compressor x 1,3
N2O x 2
U can say too difficult, but it was hard childbirth:)
finilly it`s currently good:)
Now we have time to prepare so let`s try and create;)
Damn` I planed visit Tallinn on Christmas holidays but bad luck I lost my chance:(
Maybe we can exchange with the referencies your site and our or better put your banner on our forum?
We have much move viewers on the field how to protect the track from them? is fance enough? How U inform them of the results?
Do U use so-called loud-speaker?
Speaking about cars personally I prefer AWD or 4WD and at least turbo:)
better japan-kamikaze cars like:
3000 GT
Fuck the fuel economy!
Good style

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20.11.2001 at 14:52
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Nice to see that there is some action in Russia too. Here is a picture of the safety areas required at the strip without concrete fences http://www.riversidecruisers.fi/ajanotek2.html

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20.11.2001 at 15:59
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Actually when concrete is in good condition it grips better than asphalt. Few years ago I heard thet esimated cost of laying asphalt on concrete for 400 m drag race track would be around 180 k. usd. :eek

Idea behind our classification is basically that all big dogs run in the same class.:) We have to add just condition for rotor and for the case if car has two power adders (turbo/nitro of rotor/turbo).

Banner idea is of course great, but is there enough content for your viewers ? We could link each others sites definately with reference to this forum, so anybody from Russia can come here and ask whatever he/she wants.

Safety is problem of course, there should be enough room for the case something goes wrong. Proper way to inform about results would be displays, but if you don´t have them, then loudspeaker and guy woth ability to bullshit a lot;) will do.


Typically those displays can show r/t, 60-ft, ET, trap speed, gap between the competitors.

Regards the cars: I noticed you can get cheap RHD japanese turbocars there, which are impossible to register here, because of RHD and lack of Euro certificates. In Europe from where we can get our cars, they are much more expensive and few models are available. Sure AWD cars are killers on the streetrace type events...till you get enough power to do this::)


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20.11.2001 at 20:47
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
We already have, no better had RX7 (rotor+turbo+N2O) but till spring in is dead N2O killed the car:(
RHD became more and more popular so prices go up:(
Price fo asphalt is close to your quotation
700x8 meter = 120 k$
We already got more than 200 viewers from November 19 :) COOL;)
look what about old american cars are they OK for EC conditions?
What about tyres, U permite use slicks? Or not?
Are any cars in Eesti with N2O?
In Finland I suppose there are:)
Where`d Live? Tallinn? Tartu?
How often U make the racing?

Live Fast

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21.11.2001 at 10:17
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
On commercial race like Speedest there has been up to 20 000 spectators,

on more serious races like in Tartu I guess there are between 500-1000 people watching, because of no advertising.

We cannot import American cars less then 35 years old, because of high taxes and lack of Euro certificates - so most of the cars here are imported years ago, when those restrictions didn´t exist.

Yes, slicks are permitted, otherwise all the racing would be limited to smoking the tyres and AWD cars would have clear advantage. If you have enough power under the hood you it makes no sense to race on usual street tires.

Yes we have cars equipped with nitrous and I guess next year we will have more because there is no restrictions for nitrous use. In Finland nitrous is prohibited, so its for the brave ones only.:)

Guys and girls:) in this board live all over the Estonia, but mostly in Tallinn.

There will be around 5 drag races in next year, but its not sure yet. I personally go also to Finland for a race or two.

BTW. Whats the fastest cars you have there ? I saw Marcos and RS4, latter one probably runs high to mid 12's, but what about Marcos ?

[Edited by peep on 21.11.2001 at 09:40 GMT]

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21.11.2001 at 10:38
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
I guess that u have more referencies from this great show, as I understood Oleg also participated in it;) am I right?
RS4 is standart no upgrade still no one overpass it:( in case of defeat he promised to charge it:)
Marcos - nice car, he won but no measuring was done, sorry
Now we are looking for new Nissan GT-R to check it with RS4,
Also SLK 3.2 AMG Compressor, with Automat gear system was one of the quickest and overtook M-5, M-3, 124E 5,7 Carlsson,
O, forgot about Pourche 911 new Turbo 4WD,
however not all want
to ride, they prefer watch, :(

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21.11.2001 at 11:48
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
New Porsche Turbo should be able to very low 12 high 11 sec. times - sure its faster than RS4 if properly driven. But it also costs lot more $$$ - for this money one can run 7 sec times probably if only drag-race orientated.

BTW we have one old Ford Sierra here (runs mid 12) which should be more-or-less as quick as RS4 - owner of RS4 could come here next summer for ultimate battle between German Monsters.;)

Speedest is exactly what you said - show. Too much BS within it - beacuse its for entertaining the public not for racers.

Some more pics from there:


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21.11.2001 at 12:33
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Yes, people are pretty shy!
Like Peep said, nitrous is prohibited in Finland. Still some people use it, and it's becoming more popular. The cars here in the streetraces are >99% rear wheel drive, very few FWD's or AWD's. I remember that in some classes AWD is forbidden. In a bad track the AWD might be an advantage, but on a good one it's not like you can figure out of the Peeps picture.
We've currently got basically five street classes:
A is for naturally aspirated cars under 4 litre, minimum weight is 900 kg unless the cars stock weight was smaller.
B is for under four litre turbocharged cars, minimum weight is 1100 kg.
C is for 4-6 litre naturally aspirated or supercharged cars, minimum weight is 1250 kg
D is for cars between 6-7.8 litres and over 4 litre turbos. Minimum weight for over 6 litre cars is 1400 kg
Then there are additional weight penalties in all classes; 25 kg / turbo or EFI, and 25 kg for each 1" of thread that goes beyond the class limits. In D class that's 14" (per tire).
For next summer there will be a new class at national level called Street bracket. It's a bracket class for cars running between 9.5-14 seconds and the minimum weight for four cylinder cars is 600 kg and for others 900 kg.
Then there are additioinal safety regulations for the cars concerning safety belts, helmets, driveshaft loops, transmission blow up protection, roll bars & rollcages etc etc usually tied to a certain ET. In a car that runs below 11.00 you must have 3" wide five point seat belts, a 10 point roll cage out of 1 5/8" pipe with 3mm wall, window net, driveshaft loop, trasnsmission shield, external electric cut off switch, SFI approved balancer and flex plate/flywheel, flame retardant drivers suit, etc. etc. etc. So you end up having a fortune in the safety equipment only, but I do agree that safety comes first.

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21.11.2001 at 12:39
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
and what about refuel the cylinder with N2O,
or U buy new one%)?
Do U use medical funny gas?
Do U have refuel equipment?
Do U have own N2O dealer? Or U brought it from abroad?

Peace U

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21.11.2001 at 13:47
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
There is a speed shop here where you can get 10 lbs bottle filled with medical gas for about 50 bucks. Medical or technical - effect is the same...:)

BTW if you are wondering - jyrki is from Finland, so he was speaking about Finnish street legal dragrace rules.

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21.11.2001 at 15:41
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
peep u didn`t mention the audi 200 :evil was the man called Hannes? well anyway he has a goddamn fast audi about 13sec car


[Edited by hyperion on 21.11.2001 at 15:46 GMT]

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21.11.2001 at 18:46
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
hyperion wrote:
peep u didn`t mention the audi 200 :evil was the man called Hannes? well anyway he has a goddamn fast audi about 13sec car


??? ??? ???

Sure I din't mention lots of other cars around here as well, but whats your point ?

All I wanted to say was that I think we have some good opposition for fastest cars in Moscow and as we will probably organize some nice races with full timing equipment in next summer, so it would be good possibility to them come here and get their car measured against the clock, get the printed timeslips like this:


and also have great sport and make new friends here.

I know that visa costs some $$$, but hopefully it is not the biggest obstacle.:)

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22.11.2001 at 10:21
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
And what about legal actions?
How U and first of all who gets that god damn permissions from state or local authorities for races?
Any agreements with medics and fire department, police, traffic police?
How U get the info about cars weight?;)
How U check the cubic capacity of the engine?;)


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22.11.2001 at 10:30
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Why the angry face ? Difficult morning ?:)

Here in Estonia we don't need state permission, the permission of the owner of property is enough. Fortunately owners of those airfields (local goverments, motorsport club in Tartu and minstry of defence) have been co-operative.

The presence of medical and fire staff are to be decided by organizer - sometimes they are sometimes not - but I guess next summer al major event will be secured. Police don't care, sometimes they come to watch and sometimes they have tryed it out by themselves:)


even firemens are interested of drag racing:)


but of course this BS takes unneccesesarily the time away from real racing.

Usually if firemans and ambulance come, organizer have to pay some cash to them - few hundred bucks.

I don't know how Finns check their car weights, I have been only in local derevjanskih competitions and there isn't such throughout checking.

In Estonia we don't check capacity of engines, because classification is really simple, most competitive cars run anyway in over the 3l. class and also everybody know eachother so cheating would be really lame. In Finland they may require to take the head off the engine after the competition - but I guess its for the trailered cars - which are majority in their official championship competitions.

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22.11.2001 at 10:48
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
The organisators in finnish national level races have got weightscales and you'll get independent weights for all wheels, so you can make adjustments to the chassis. For example, the last time my car had 52% in front and 48% in rear, total weight was 1510 kg with driver. There was a 60 kg difference between the rear tire weights the drivers side being heavier, so we adjusted that to zero by stiffening the left front corner and loosening the right. After this adjustment the car was next to impossible to drive, and now there are different adjustments.....
In the smaller races there is no weight or displacement checking except external visual. In the national races the displacements can be checked; they have done it once some four years ago and that time it was done by removing a cylinder head. They've also got somekind of meter that measures the displacement from the spark plug hole, but it isn't very accurate.

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22.11.2001 at 11:25
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Same shit man,
all we did I can name only like kolhozniye gonki :) not more but cashing own money is good idea but not the right one;) U know:)

Damn snow, horrible traffic and at least 4 months of waiting period to plan and inspire people to invest at least half of budget:(

Look we got more visitors that other topics in English in 4 days,

nice site

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22.11.2001 at 13:54
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Same weather here - fortunately my winter ride is audi quattro - its really quattro weather outside right now.:)

I hope you put some valid e-mail under your profile, so I can notify you about our forthcoming events when they are decided. Btw. whats your name, mine is the same as my nick here ?

For linking you can use the banner above this page - sure we will link your page also, but I just noticed our links page is still under the work (hello newton !:)) - do you have any banner you would like us to use ?

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22.11.2001 at 14:28
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
If U are not afraid Russian, than
GT-club forum is welcome also
My e-mail is semenovva@snmarket.ru
Name Vasily or Sparco
www.streetracing.ru and our forum is always welcome too

And what about lighting at evening or night?
U have more professional foto? How?


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22.11.2001 at 15:20
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
Sparco, does anybody drive american V8 cars on your streetrace?

[Edited by 79capri on 22.11.2001 at 14:32 GMT]

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22.11.2001 at 15:31
Cool Guys! Aloha Moscow:)
there are some
check starting grid - class US
Firebirds, mustangs, marcos, ford cobra
not many because easier buy german or japan cars;(
Not enough tuning for them:(
And they actually stay in the same class that 3.0 turbo, 3.0 compressor and more and more we call that class US unlimited street,


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22.11.2001 at 15:58
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