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Travel with my car for job.
I have been working in Estonia about three month now and I would like to get my truck (produced May, 2000) from Canada with shipment in January, 2005.
Probably I need to stay here for one year more so what is necessary to do with ARK(?) to pick my truck here? Or may-be there is no any demands to register car in to Estonian car registery.
Please answer in english because my estonian is really bad, sorry for that.
13.11.2004 at 05:52
Travel with my car for job.
The best way would be ask them (ARK) directly, but generally you cannot register US spec vehicle, which was first time registered after 31.12.97, without going through emission and noise tests. Such tests cannot be carried out here, nearest place is in Finland and cost is several thousand euros.

I guess, police will not bother you, when you drive with Canadian plates, although law probably reqiures to register it here, as you live here permanently. When you leave, it would be difficult to sell it locally.
13.11.2004 at 10:24 Last edited 13.11.2004 at 10:25 by peep (Moderator)
Travel with my car for job.
Tanan peep.
Officially I should bring my truck for temporally registered when it stays more then 6 month in Estonia, reasoned by my non-estonian citizenship. Real-life needs to leave at least once per half-year to Finland or Sweden to proove vehicle standing outside Estonia during six month period. Somehow it seems too complicate and I will not like to have any trouble with local authorities. But still is unclear about necesserity for tests mentioned by peep. Information is based on phonecall to register.
13.11.2004 at 20:27
Travel with my car for job.

Still, i think best for you is this temporary registration - and it is not bring any troubles to you with our police or DMV. Yes, well - trip to foreign country can be frustrating, but hey - i think you find lots of guys/friends, who are willing to take your car to little trip mmm, lets say to Latvia(only some 300km from Tallinn)?
And yes, if you want to register US specs car here, you need those tests, mentioned by Peep. I think, its less troublesome (and cost less too), to use temporary registration.
Thing is, that we have here in our DMV lots of "not informed people", so you cant get true information from them thru phone, unless you talk to some chief there...

Oh yes - welcome aboard ;)

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.”
13.11.2004 at 01:28
Travel with my car for job.
Feel free to prove me wrong, but as far as I remember, for the temporary registration (the yellow plates), the same rules apply as for the permanent one - i.e. for an 98+ car, you cannot get it registered if a Euro version exists, and if not, you have to pass the brake/smog/noise tests (done in Finland/Sweden and costing around 3000 EUR).

Honestly, I'd just bring it here and drive. Unless you speed or break the law otherwise, you shouldn't get pulled over too often. And if you are, I'm pretty sure a foreign name, Canadian passport/driver's license together with a Canadian-registered car would pass with flying colors at a street cop any day.
13.11.2004 at 01:42
Travel with my car for job.
Greetings for everybody and thanks to Vanaisa (Grandfather?) for welcome.
I do not know deep about differences in my truck (euro)-classification but it allready have yellow turning lights. What is strange for me (and probably for lots from you) in regulations according US origin cars are for sale in Nederlands, Germany and even in Poland without any extratrouble (may-be I am not informed enough). I have seen in Poland (Bydgosch) GMC Sierra 2004 version for sale at Chevy dealer. But this is not mainquestion in my little trouble. I just like trucks and that´s it.
Anyway I have a friend who offered to visit your Forum and hopefully he helps me also in the future.
Thanks once more for everybody and I will find out my way to act.
To avoid to come up with empty discussion I think this question can be closed.
14.11.2004 at 18:45 foorum : In English : Travel with my car for job.  
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