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Ma ei tea, paljud teist seda nippi kasutavad, aga miks ka mitte...
Trick for your oil filter (or trans. pan) - I add a large magnet that used to be in a magnet-mount cell phone antenna to oil filters for a time before oil changes. Hopefully traps a few extra metal shavings...
And for those bigger pieces that don't far enough along to the filter rights away, I epoxy a small (regrigerator magnet type) to the drain plug(threaded end). Then clean everytime you change your oil.

[Edited by wax on 15.02.2001 at 09:48 GMT]
15.02.2001 at 09:48
Hopefully the oil filter traps them too! I have used the magnet in the oil pan and of course in an engine you dont want any iron shavings there. In the trans it really captures some iron, but I think the oil filter would take care of them anyway. But they don't hurt anything.
15.02.2001 at 10:45
Minu autol on tehase poolt magnet nii käigukastipõhja-, kui ka difri kaane küljes. Mootoris pole tast vist seepärast eriti kasu, et õlifilter peaks selle tööga paremini hakkama saama.
18.02.2001 at 14:20 foorum : Hooldus ja remont : "Õlifiltritrikk"  
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